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Ukrainian prostitutes: how has the price changed since the Revolution of Dignity

---,   16.10.2017

The cost of the services of Ukrainian prostitutes in national currency over the past four years has grown by an average of 1.5 times. And taking into account the hryvnia's falling against the dollar three times - in hard currency it even decreased.

The average price for sex with Ukrainian girl costs 10-15 dollars per hour.

For the reference point, we took the tariffs of the most widespread group of prostitutes - relatively inexpensive, working in apartments under the roof of pimps. Here the services start from 300-400 hryvnia per hour or 1800-2400 per night. The most expensive of this category can request a thousand hryvnia per hour.

The lowest and highest prices are in Kiev. Here you can easily find a girl with an apartment for 300 hryvnia. But the most luxurious ladies are also here.

In Odessa and Kharkov offers of 400-600 hryvnia are much less than 800-1000. And the price of 300 hryvnia is not found even in Kherson, Mykolayiv and Zaporozhye. In small regional cities, the standard hour will cost the client an average of 500 hryvnia.

Escort in Kiev or Kharkov will cost the client from 500 to 1000 (sometimes and more) hryvnia per hour. And - without intimate services. You have to pay for them separately. Night with an escort or an individual - from 3000 hryvnia, and maybe up to 10 thousand.

The lower pole of the sphere of intimate services is street night butterflies. Such ladies do not place ads on the Internet, but wait for customers on the streets, in parks or on the roadside. Here the hour (or one full sexual intercourse) will cost the client about 250 hryvnia. Oral sex - 50 hryvnia. Outside the city, intimate services are even cheaper.

Since 2013 the lower and upper price limits are practically the same (the maximum is slightly increased). So it turns out that if the sexual services went up in hryvnia, say, one and a half times, and the national currency slipped three times in four years, then in a hard currency, Ukrainian girls became cheaper by about half.

This closely coincides with the fall in the average salary in Ukraine: from 450 dollars in 2013 to 250 in 2017. Prostitution accurately reacted to market fluctuations.