Hakenkreuz and Wolfsangel: nationalisten Festival in Lutsk

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In 5-7 August 2016 in Lutsk (Ukraine) held a rock festival of Ukrainian Nationalists “Bandershtadt” (translated from the German "The City of Bandera").

According to the rules, only the bands that sing in Ukrainian are allowed to participate in the festival.

The organizers of the event declare the aim of the festival as the “promotion of Ukrainian national idea among young people, perpetuating the image of Stepan Bandera as a national symbol of the country”.

In the menu - "soup with Russian".

The participant of the festival

Sale of jewelry in the form of Nazi symbols: the “Hakenkreuz” and the “Wolfsangel”

The Ukrainian girls on the Banderstadt

Firearms - an indispensable attribute of the festival "Banderstadt"



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