The Ukraine builds the propaganda infrastructure near the Crimea border

---,   11.06.2016,   867 просмотров

The high ukrainian authorities say that they intend to create an infrastructure for propaganda оn the border with Russian Crimea. The aim is to influence on Russian citizens who live on the peninsula.

The 75-meter tower with the 1-kilowatt transmitter is already built in the village of Nikolaevka near the town Genichesk for broadcasting the Ukrainian radio to the Crimea.

In the near future ukrainian authorities want to built another two such towers in the settlements Chongar and Kalanchak.

These towers will also suppress broadcasting signals that comes from the Crimea.

Kiev authorities are dissatisfied with the fact that Ukrainians in the southern regions watching Russian TV channels wich are banned in the Ukraine. For the show of these channels in public places such as cafes their owners face a large fine.


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